Rob RIcher



Robert Richer is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Uptima Group, an executive search company that puts emphasis on its experience identifying and engaging some of the most difficult people to locate in the world. Mr. Richer retired in November 2005 from the Central Intelligence Agency as the Associate Deputy Director for Operations (ADDO). As the ADDO, Mr. Richer was responsible for leading the Clandestine Services’ worldwide collection and operational efforts with specific focus on national security priorities and threats. During his years of service, he developed unique relationships with key foreign officials and leaders; particularly in the Middle East and South Asia.

As Chief of the Directorate of Operation’s Human Resources Staff on 9/11, Mr. Richer led the efforts to address subsequent critical work force requirements, entailing unprecedented reorganization, hiring and assignments.

Throughout his service with the CIA, Mr. Richer developed close and productive relationships with his United States military counterparts which were built upon his military service. Mr. Richer enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1972. He was commissioned in 1978 from the enlisted ranks and served on active duty until October 1983. He was recalled to active service in 1991 for Operation Desert Storm. He completed his service with the Marine Corps, while in the reserves, in 1997

Leadership, Membership & Honors

Mr. Richer has been awarded numerous awards and commendations from a number of foreign governments. Additionally, during his Agency career, he received the Intelligence Commendation Medal in both 1993 and 1996; the Director’s Award in 2004 and, in 2006, Mr. Richer was awarded the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal.

In the private sector, Mr. Richer was the CEO of Total Intelligence Solutions and subsequently a Senior Partner at International Advisory Partners. Until joining Uptima, he served as a Strategic Adviser to Benchmark Executive Search.