The Uptima Group is built to offer several key functions to our clients, including professional services, program management, business solutions and executive search. The Uptima Group Principals represent more than 80 years of world-wide experience identifying and engaging some of the most difficult people to locate in the world. Two of our principals had distinguished careers as highly decorated Operations Officers in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations; one of us, Robert Richer, rose to be the Associate Deputy Director for Operations. This experience combined with the executive search and staffing experience of our other partners led to the creation of SmartFit, our unique and proprietary candidate assessment system.


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SmartFit and our unique background gives us an edge when sourcing and recruiting candidates; we know where to find the right talent for our customer, and how to bring them on board in order to quickly fill our customers’ requirements. This experience also makes us a strong consultative firm for our clients. We are intimately familiar with, and have successfully solved, the most challenging and demanding human capital situations facing the modern workforce. Whether these are employee evaluation and retention, or identifying and growing talent, we consistently demonstrate the ability to fix problems and help our clients succeed.

Recruiting is our strength, and the fundamental core of our business. With success at the Department of State and the National Institutes of Health, we know how to execute difficult and varied recruiting assignments. Our mastery of the entire recruiting process, from end to end, sets us apart and allows us to better serve our clients and employees, our most valuable resource. From identification to screening, recruiting, onboarding and employee well-being, we have the experience and infrastructure to smoothly handle these vital functions.

Our mission to provide the most timely and best solutions for our clients, helping them meet their missions and objectives. Our forward thinking and passion for excellence are the keys to executing this mission.